Plastic waste just got grabbed by the balls

Terracubed is the first 3D printer to be designed and built around the concept of recycling plastic waste.


Businesses waste millions on single-use plastics to deliver products and services

Not Terracubed

Meet the solution to the world’s plastic waste problem

Terra 1
Terracubed takes the eco-innovative one step further by using a circular model of design and production.
Volume, m³
Resolution, μm
Plastic output, kg/h
Layer height, mm
0.25 – 2
Accelerations, m/s
≥ 1

Terracubed’s printing service keeps nature in mind

Create from plastic waste
There aren’t a whole lot of things that can’t be produced using recycled plastics. Turn waste into everyday things.
Or use raw plastic
Use raw plastics like PLA, ABS, PP or any other raw materials for making your wildest dreams come true.

We’ll help you adopt a more sustainable approach to manufacturing

Get A to Z solutions for improving or reiterating anything you come up with.
Doubt not, we’re ready to guide you, whatever crazy idea you have.
Any idea of yours can become fully functional with the right type of knowledge.

We will save your time

Training employees takes under an hour
Minimal human oversight required after setup
1 printer does the job of multiple machines

Our team

Founder & CEO Rolandas Dockevičius
Dr. Vytenis Sinkevičius
Dr. Valdas Jankūnas
Dr. Pranas Mažeika
Dr. Artūras Tadžijevas

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