We are PELLET 3D PRINTER manufacturers

We have perfected the most universal tool for our own needs. Now it is the best time to share our knowledge and experience in additive manufacturing. Terracubed 3D printer is capable of printing parts up to one cubic meter in volume. It uses plastic pellets ensuring that we are able to use the wide range of materials, they are more available and may be recycled easily.


72% of Power Users say that 3D printing is one of their strengths and that they are ahead of their competitors in its adoption.* Sculpteo "State of 3D printing 2021"

As close to desktop 3D printer as it can get - just large scale

Terracubed 3D printer may be used in the office as well as in the manufacturing premises. We are using our 3D printer in the office space. Quiet motors and a closed-loop air ventilation system lets us use the machine anywhere.
Printing volume, mm
1000 x 1000 x 1000
Layer heights, mm
0.5 - 3.5
Plastic output, kg/h
up to 2.5
Extruder max. temperature, °C
Printing surface max. temperature, °C
Movement speed, mm/s
up to 250

Complete kit for hassle-free pellet 3D printing

Terracubed 3D printer may be used connected to a simple single-phase connector.
Pellet dryer capacity, kg
Automatic pellet system
✔ (feeding and drying)
Printing surface automatic leveling
✔ (multiple independent Z motors leveling + mesh compensation)
Remote access
✔ (control + surveillance)
Air filtration
✔ (closed-loop HEPA)

We’ll help you adopt a more sustainable approach to manufacturing

Get A to Z solutions for improving or reiterating anything you come up with.
Doubt not, we’re ready to guide you, whatever crazy idea you have.
Any idea of yours can become fully functional with the right type of knowledge.

Our team

Founder & CEO Rolandas Dockevičius
CTO Linas Kesiūnas
Dr. Vytenis Sinkevičius
Dr. Valdas Jankūnas
Dr. Pranas Mažeika
Dr. Artūras Tadžijevas